Monday, October 1, 2012

The Weekend and a Change of Plans

This past weekend was perhaps one of my best weekends here so far.  Last week was getting a little hectic having just come down from the mountain and having a couple other trips coming up while trying to figure out the whole expedition thing as well as processing the next 2 weeks of Outdoor Education.  On Friday everyone decided that it probably wasn't the best time to attack 27 waterfalls and we might need to do something different instead.  What ended up happening on Saturday is that there was a torrential downpour for most of the day and I was able to finish the first book of the CS Lewis space trilogy, as well as watch a movie, and even catch some soccer games.  I left Saturday more recharged than I have been in a long while.  
This week is back to crazy again as yesterday I blew the tube in my tire and then left my moto at a friends house near the moto shop.  Part of today will be spent pushing my moto to the shop and waiting for it to be fixed.  This week will also be a rather different kind of week as I am going to Haiti on Thursday.  The whole situation is rather unusual as well given that we will leave early on Thursday morning, drive for 7 hours, be part of the "Border of Lights" and then turn around and drive home.  The expectation is that I will be back at school on Friday; the catch is that will be getting home from the trip between 2am and 4am.  The Seniors who will be on the trip with me are given a day off, so my goal is to make to school by 10am when I have class with my Juniors.  My brain will be a little mushy by then I am sure, so hopefully I can plan something easy for myself that does not inspire rebellion.
If you are at all in interested in checking out what the "Border of Lights" is go to  And here is a link to an article about the Parsley Massacre,

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