Monday, October 15, 2012

A March and a Funeral

So this past week has been one of highs and lows.  Last week we had a lot of things going on at school, one of which was a march that the Junior class had planned to raise awareness on the issue of littering.  This is something they have been exploring since last year when doing an expedition about the trash in the rivers and the pollution that is causes on the coast.  Outside of this I accompanied a group that went to one of the other schools to tell them about the danger of littering and how they can use reusable bags.  All of this was headed up by their former science teacher who is still at the school teaching a math class.

The low part of everything came Saturday night when a student from one of the other private schools hear wrecked his moto and died.  The student had spent a little bit of time as a student at Doulos and many of our students here had grown up with him.  The reason I knew him was that he was really involved with the local soccer club which is located at Doulos.  I had the fortune of getting to know him over the last couple months as we played soccer together every Friday.  It would have been crazy to imagine on Friday as I was playing soccer with him that on Sunday I would be at his funeral.  

In other news...
I booked my ticket back to KC for Christmas recently and in two months from now I will be on a plane.  Excited for the next two months here and the opportunity to spend the holidays with friends and family.

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