Monday, October 29, 2012

Frogs and the quarter

Last week was quarter grades and had the ability to be a very hectic week.  Fortunately the week went fairly smooth, although there are always things that could have been done better.  The week also ended with some stormy weather that was part of Hurricane Sandy and technically we were supposed to be closed on Friday due to the Secretary of Education closing all schools in the country.  In the end we had school and the weather wasn't that bad.
By Sunday the weather was beautiful again and a group of friends and I hiked up a river to a big waterfall.  The most exciting part of this trip for me happened while climbing on the edge of a large rock face.  While traversing the side of the rock I reached up to grab another hold, when I touched the rock I freaked out about how slimy and soft it was.  I then took a look at what I had touched and there was a big beautiful frog.  The frog blended in with the rock and even looking right at it you could have missed it.  I of course picked up the frog and it basically suction cupped all of its little fingers right to my hand so I had to peel it off when I wanted to let it go.
This is the closes thing I could find to a frog here that looked like the one I picked up, the one I saw had some bright green on it that looked like moss.
Frogs have become a normal thing to me here, twice I have found them in my bathroom and more often than that I find dead ones by our back door, this is thanks to the cat.
Rhythm has entered my life and weeks have started to blend together.  Its crazy that one quarter is already gone, that means 1/8 of my initial teaching commitment is done.  Weird.

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