Monday, October 22, 2012


Honestly there really has not been a lot going on here besides school lately.  I find it a bit sad to say that the most excitement I have had this week was playing monopolio (that's right we play a bootlegged Spanish version complete with spelling errors) in our city center park/square.  I must admit that I lost, although I was sure I would win for quite some time.  At the same time we were playing there were break dancers practicing in the gazebo you see in the picture (we were on the upper part by the big tree,) which made the experience even more fun.
Quarter grades are due this week, crazy to think I am already 1/8th of the way through my commitment.  Still seems like I have barely been here and it just over 2 months to Christmas as well.  I've been hearing all sorts of craziness about Navidad here, things like carolers that use pots and pans outside your windows at 3:am, and the fact that the date in which Navidad decorations are okay to put up is October 15th.  We are talking almost 3 months with Christmas stuff up here.

This is not my picture... its from google images.

I have gotten to the point were I miss all of my friends and family in Sitka and Kansas City, but things are good here.  It is good for me to be outside of my comfort zone, I find in these times I discover so much about myself.  

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